Sistema TRESS Solutions



Knowing in detail our solutions features; can help you to get the perfect solution to your company's needs.


Keep all employees files updated since their hiring 'till their leaving (contract type, position, salary changes, credits, loans, vacations and more).

Time and Attendance Solution


Keep a precise attendance control of all employees and automatically generate the pre-payroll which is the basis for an accurate payroll. 

TRESS Enlinea Solution


Employees attendance review in real-time with GTI terminals.

Sistema TRESS Payroll Solution


Perform payroll calculations by taking as a basis the pre-payroll as well as additional allowances, and apply the corresponding deductions of law and credits.



Generate notices requested by IMSS and conciliate against the affiliated movements certificate. Export employees data, and changes to SUA for better settlement calculations avoiding double inputs.

GTI Digitally Signed Payroll Solution


It signs your payroll and keeps a record of it, besides complying with the law.

Report Writer Solution


Reports for audits with data related to payroll.

E-mail Reports Solution


Schedule and send email reports to a specific person or a group of people. 

Supervisors Solution


Delegate to people with personnel under their charge the management of their team processes such as the authorization of overtime, permits, vacations, temporary changes of shift and more.

Cafeteria Solution


Validate the company's cafeteria policies to authorize or deny consumption, and keep detailed control over employees consumption.

+ORDEN Portal


Provide tools to your employees' that enable them to review personal data such as pay slips, permits, vacations and more besides complying with the law requirements.

Training Courses Solution


Design, assign and monitor all courses assigned to employees in compliance with Mexican labor laws.

Training and Competency Solution


Define a training matrix by job position and register the training plan for each employee depending on their requirements and competencies.

Medical Services Solution


Keep an electronic file of all employees medical records, diagnosis, and prescriptions. Also, have detailed control of work accidents or pregnancies and identify relapses, patterns or risk factors to promote preventing campaigns.

Labor Solution


Have detail control over costs and workforce distribution, measure and monitor costs as well as productivity and efficiency.

Tools and Equipment Solution


Have detailed control of all tools and equipment delivered to employees and capture any deduction when applicable.

ST Visitors Solutions


Keep an electronic log for the access to the premises; the entrance flow is more efficient and secure.

Access Gate Solution


Control and monitor all entrance access through a graphic interface that shows all employee entries and outs.

Payroll Budget Solution


Assess different scenarios and make effective projections related to taxes and payroll expenses.

TRESS Excel Solution


All budgets can be exported to excel, it consolidates various reports from the system into a single one.



Solutions that fit - MAS ORDEN


Review your pay slips, vouchers, vacations and more from your mobile device.

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Solutions that fit - Digitally Signed Payroll

GTI Digitally Signed
Payroll Service

Stamp your payroll receipts with cutting-edge technology and comply with the law.

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Solutions that fit - Equipment


Terminals and peripheral that helps to control time and attendance.

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