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Workflow on the cloud is a tool designed to structure the workflow between individuals and departments in an organization, systematizing processes and making them more efficient. Through Workflow you may automate processes such as vacation authorizations, permits, overtime, staff movements or changes in wages that as a consequence have a record in the system or in processes of other areas of your business such as purchase orders, resource allocation, etc.

What can you do and consult with the Workflow solution?

● Streamlines the operation reducing the total time of processes.

● Lowers costs by reducing the use of paper.

● Documents are seen and approved only by the authorized people. 

● Greater control and security as the loss of forms are removed.

● Better service to employees because their procedures are streamlined.

● Visibility of the process (What status has?).

● It promotes productivity measuring processes as a basis for re-engineering.

● You can program actions in case there is no response from any of the users during the defined timeframe.

● Allows you to store files directly to the system.

● Authorization of processes not related to employee administration, time & attendance or payroll processes (office supplies orders, expenses, among others).

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