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With Employees you can manage:

Hiring’s, discharges and changes in the employee information

Management of changes in wages and/or benefits

Printing of contracts, internal forms, letters, notices, etc.

Printing badges configurable data and designs

Automatic generation of verification digit for the IMSS number

IMSS notices

RFC number generator

Vacation calculation



With Payroll you can manage:


Reduce pay time

Calculations of employee-employer contributions according to the latest authorized form

Export to accounting and direct deposit systems

Period and payroll configurations

Control and classification of leaves and calculation of risk premiums

Global processes for exceptions or movements

Export to accounting and direct deposit systems

Automatic pre-payroll calculations

Annual processes: tax returns, annual bonuses, PTU, ‘Aguinaldo’, annual comparisons, etc.


With Employees you can manage:


Keep a detailed control of employee attendance

Register inputs and outputs of each employee

Calculate the pre-payroll easily and quickly

Set overtime pay according to the IMSS (Rule 3x3)

Configuring shifts, holidays, meal times and breaks, etc..

Incident Detail

Coffee Linked to module to validate consumer rules for attendance


With IMSS/INFONAVIT you can manage:

Calculate employee-employer contributions 

Calculate the working risk premium 

Validate information (RFC) before SUA 

Export data to System SUA Tress 

Reports for audits 

Correctly handle the start, payment term and disabilities 

Reconciling information between Sistema TRESS and the CD provided by the IMSS

Calculate updates and surcharges



With TRESS Poll you can manage:


Automatic collection of inputs and outputs and direct registration in database

Manage backup files

Safely handle the registrations of employees 

Connectivity with remote servers ideal for centralizing information generated in different places

Operation selected schedule to perform automatically processes



With Report Writer you can:


Obtain reports of all information found in Sistema TRESS 

Add, edit and delete reports 

It includes about 280 configured reports 

Excellent presentation with managing fonts, colors, templates, graphics and photographs 

Multiple export formats: screen, printer, ASCII, Excel, RFT, HTML, PDF, etc.


With TRESS Enlínea you will be able to manage :

Receive attendance records in real time 

Send attendance records to Sistema TRESS Enlínea

Validate assistance online through web services technology 

Fingerprint synchronization and backup 

To maximize the use of the module Supervisors