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Sistema TRESS can easily be integrated to your processes. The modules are grouped into families and we will explain how each of the modules works so that you can detect, based on your needs, which ones will be best to customize your solution.

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This family of modules is the best known; the modules are the basis for efficient payroll calculation.


Management of your people resources is the specialty of this family; it will help you manage training courses, medical history, performance evaluations, etc., of your employees, along with the recruitment and selection of new personnel.


The main feature of this family of modules is to keep registration and control of Cafeteria consumption, tools and equipment, personnel entry and exit, as well as of visitors to your company.


Focused on the production area, this family allows you to validate registration of employee movements in the production floor; as well as measuring and monitoring manpower cost, efficiency and productivity.


Objective: communication. This family will focus on establishing the relationship between employees and the company, by allowing a faster and systematized flow of information.


The best decisions are based on a complete information overview.

What can you do with the Platform?

Have all the employee information, register changes, calculate vacation time, print ID badges, generate notices to IMSS, obtain reports, create charts, program reports, communicate via e-mail, configure payroll periods, electronic payments to banks, calculation of wages,  perceptions, deductions, benefits, etc., generate payroll accounts ledger, configure shifts, holidays, overtime payment according to IMSS, automate pre-payroll, calculate worker-employer fees, as well as verification for export to SUA, conciliation of information with the DC provided by IMSS, etc., additionally to being able to report all this information and program deliveries via e-mail for certain requirements.  

What can you do with Personnel Management?

It allows you to keep records and monitor training courses, print job skill certificates (DC-4 and DC-3 formats), keep medical records of employees, work-related accidents, prescriptions, disabilities, etc.  This family also helps in automatizing the personnel selection process, where you can configure and manage job applications, create candidate files, etc., that will assist you, along with the Career Plan functionality, in having an inventory of skills, competencies, and action plans to equally evaluate your employees in order to promote their professional development and improve in this way your company results.

What can you do with Control?

With these functionalities, you will have control over employee Cafeteria consumption that may be charged as deductions via payroll.  You will be able to manage and control work equipment entrusted to employees.  It also strengthens security at your company with an electronic “registration ledger’ for visitor control.  Additionally, validates entrance and exit of company employees with the Access Gate functionality.

What can you do with Production?

It will greatly help the Supervisor manage permissions, tardiness, overtime, etc. of his/her team, supporting the Human Resources department to validate information for payroll calculation.  This family also focuses on control of cost and distribution of the workforce in the production floor.

What can you do with Employee Self Service?

Communication between employees and the company will be based on information that the Human Resources department wants to share.  With this family’s features employees can access the following information: vacation time, amount of wages, loans, savings, etc. It will help to share and reinforce the organizational culture, allowing work flow, systematizing processes and making them more efficient, looking to reduce time in processes and support having as the ultimate goal, information self-service.

What can you do with Decision Support?

This family will hep you design an information system for decision-making with different approaches, using tools as powerful as Excel for more effective information retrieval.