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v  Agility in management and flow of information.  Don’t spend time on manual processes.

v  Configuration based on your company’s policy, only when needed.

v  Information security.  You determine access rights.

v  Reduces operation costs and minimizes support expenses.

v  Integration with corporate systems such as ERP, HRMS, MRP, etc. Perfect for global companies.

v  Easy to use.  Obtain a high degree of self-sufficiency in people.

v  Compliance with current government regulations.  Worry-free requirement compliance. 

v  Three-layer architecture to operate in LAN, WAN or Internet, supporting multiple-company schemes for hundreds or users and tens of thousands of employees.


v  How do we add value to your process?  By offering tangible results so you can:

v  Streamline management and flow of information.

v  Reduce management costs.

v  Comply with obligations in a timely and accurate manner.

v  Control security in your processes.

v  Plan your objectives and improve the decision making process.

v  Improve services to employees and increase their productivity and efficiency.

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Sistema TRESS makes is easy to automatize your processes. Not only does it expedite your payroll processes, but more importantly, it allows you to systematically comply with governmental regulations in a timely fashion. It plays a key role optimizing your time management  in the areas of personnel  and processes as well, while keeping you always up to date.

Get to know Sistema TRESS, and start automatizing your processes in the different areas of your company in a simple, easy and effective way.