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The goal of terminals and peripheral equipment is to support the control and attendance registration of employees, important benefits that will help you when calculating payroll.


Available with various identification technologies, our fingerprint biometrics, proximity cards and bar code terminals will assist, based on your needs or process, to automatically control attendance and immediately access feedback, since they are designed to instantly communicate online. 

The fingerprint biometrics terminal is designed to keep records based on the employee’s fingerprint, ensuring, among other things, the veracity of the collected information.  The proximity card and bar code terminals are mostly used in companies that handle a high frequency of hits or a large number of employees.




Peripheral Equipment

  • Lights

    It visually shows the correct and incorrect check-ins of your employees with a green or red light. Useful in cafeteria and attendance.

  • Electric bell

    The ringing sound tells the employee if his/her registration was successful or not. Useful in cafeteria and attendance.

  • Reader

    Reads the employee ID and registers the check-in or check-out. Useful in cafeteria and attendance


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